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New / Refurbished Parts Warranty
New and refurbished parts come with a 30-day warranty. In the event a new or refurbished part fails within 30 days, a replacement will be made available. If a replacement is not available, you will be provided a credit/refund.
Repair Parts Warranty
(1) Standard repairs come with a 30 day warranty. In the event a repaired item fails during the warranty period for the problem it was sent in on originally, you can return to Hozung and we will repair it at no charge.

       . Some restrictions apply. Hozung reserves the right to make final judgment on warranty returns.
      . Warranty does not cover improper use, acts of nature, failures resulting from poor operating environment, or failure to adhere to Hozung repair policies.
      . Warranty repair returns are honored for the original issue only. Our warranty repair does NOT cover different failures from the original. In the event a repair is returned under warranty, and it is not related to the original issue, we will contact you direct via e-mail and/or phone to discuss the next steps. You can choose to have the repair performed under our flat rate schedule, or have it returned as is.
      . All returns require return material authorization (RMA) and a detailed description of the problem encountered.

(2)All items returned under warranty will be reviewed by repair management. A different technician will evaluate the failure and a repair manager will contact you for additional information. We will attempt to contact you via e-mail and phone. We want to gather additional information to determine root cause and ensure all diagnosis has been addressed in the field.

(3) Any items received in for repair that have been altered or modified will the void warranty. Additionally, any units sent in for repair outside of warranty that have been altered or modified may incur an additional fee or may be ineligible for repair.